Throughout her extensive experience as a Realtor®, clients have praised Deb for her in depth knowledge of the Philadelphia real estate market, her enthusiasm, and her ability to find their dream home. Here is what home buyers and home sellers have to say about Deb.

We thank Deb Stanitz for not only helping and assisting us with the purchase of our first two residential properties over 10 years ago, but also for her help and assistance in selling both properties. We bought our primary residence with the help of Deb in 2005 and purchased an investment property in 2006.

She has always been such a positive and energetic person, especially throughout the negotiation process. Deb Stanitz also helped us on several occasions to find tenants for our properties when we left the Philadelphia area. She has always gone above and beyond her role as a realtor to ensure that the property was ready for sale and in impeccable order. She has the contacts available to get any improvements done at reasonable rate and in a timely fashion.

We truly appreciate all of Deb Stanitz's help over the last 10 years, and we would 'highly likely' recommend her services to anyone in the Philadelphia area.

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Brandon & Elenee R
Home Sellers & Buyers in Roxborough, Philadelphia

When I started the process of home-buying, I was intimidated by the daunting task ahead. But from the moment I met Deb, I felt the possibilities open up to me. I quickly felt stronger and more confident because I knew I had her supporting me every step of the way. As I was new to the process, I had to ask lots of very basic questions; Deb answered them all -- patiently, thoroughly and kindly. I never felt that there was a question I could not ask. During the walk-throughs of potential homes, she had a critical eye open at all times, pointing out things that I myself would not have thought to pay attention to. Scheduling and communication were smooth and easy with Deb. And the final result was that I found a wonderful new home, guided and supported from A-Z by Deb. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her impressive level of experience, deep knowledge, strong negotiation skills, and warm, caring demeanor make her unbeatable -- for both first-time home-buyers and for those who have done this before. With Deb on your side, you will find your dream house.

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Natalie K
Home Buyer in Havertown Delaware County

Inna and I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You for all your effort, time and good spirit in the search for our first investment property. You are such a huge part of our successful result. The nasty houses we've seen could discourage a lot of agents, I'm sure. But you keep having faith in young kids with limited budgets like myself, Inna, Lydia and others! We will hope to continue our real estate endeavor:)
We cant be happier with our first property! Again, THANK YOU!

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Buyers of investment property in West Philadelphia

Deb was our buyer's agent for our first home and she was a *godsend*. Our home buying process was unbelievably smooth, mostly because Deb was making sure everything ran as it should behind the scenes.

She has a very deep knowledge of home improvement and helped us identify issues on the property that needed to be addressed in our offer. She even solicited quotes from contractors for the repairs.

I'd highly recommend Deb for any home buyer, first-time or otherwise.

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Peterson K.
Home Buyer University City, Philadelphia

I recently sold my first home with the help of Deb Stanitz. The home had been stagnating on the market for quite a while when Deb stepped in and suggested some inexpensive measures we could take to market the home more effectively. After taking Deb's advice we started getting significant traffic through the home almost immediately. We had our first offer within two weeks, and ultimately sold the home for more than I expected.

At the time my home in Philadelphia was for sale, I was renting a property out of state. My two bedroom rental quickly became too small when I welcomed my second child into the family. I desperately needed to sell my home in Philadelphia so I could purchase a new home to accommodate my growing family. The pressure was on to sell my home and I know it trickled down to Deb, who to her credit, was always patient and responsive to my constant questions on the progress of my home for sale. Deb got my property sold, and I was able to purchase a beautiful new home for my family.

Deb is professional, forthright, and results oriented. I highly recommend her to anybody looking to sell their home.

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Ryan F.
Home Seller in Roxborough, Philadelphia

My wife and I cannot recommend Deb Stanitz highly enough. She is everything we could have wanted in a realtor. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of home-buying, and knows the Philadelphia area through and through. She worked tirelessly with us (and for us) for months on end, taking us to dozens of homes in the Philadelphia area, and going through each house in meticulous detail. As first-time home buyers who were coming from years of living in apartments, at first we were unsure of how to look at a house, when you are looking to buy it. With infinite patience, Deb took us through the finer points of home maintenance and care, teaching us the pros and cons of various types of heating and cooling systems, different types of roofing, of moisture control, how to spot issues that could lead to mold, insulation issues and energy efficiency, and on and on. We knew very little about these factors, and even less about how to assess a particular house's quality in those terms. Deb was there to walk us through all of it. Once we found the home that we ended up buying, she was with us every step of the way, from the inspection down to the final closing date. It was a joy working with her!

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Ian M.
Home Buyer in Roxborough, Philadelpphia